Thursday, April 2, 2009

Malasakit sa Malasiqui

Hello Friends!

It's vacation once again! Why don't we make our summer worthwhile by helping out in UP Caduceus' annual Rural Service Project! Details are on the poster.

The week long program includes Derma and Dental Mission (So for doctors and dentists out there! BLOCKMATES?! hehehe..), oral hygiene and health classes, leadership training seminar for high schoolers and fun activities for the kids!

It would only cost you Php1500.00 for the transpo, board and lodging, food!

What's more, you get to go to La Union, the Surfing Capital of North Luzon for your excursion!

For more info, please contact:
Dr. Rita Esguerra - 09194954708
Dr. Merck Marcelino - 09178940466

If you can't come, but would still love to help, you can sponsor a child participating in the program. It is Php200.00 per sponsorship. 

Thank you! All the good things you do will be rewarded in heaven. God bless!

"We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Romance without Regret

Hey Caduceus members! On the first week of March we're going to try our hand at something new: a film-showing at the College of Arts and Sciences. Partly in celebration of Women's Week and partly to follow up the success of our last activity, "BOY MEETS GIRL: HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S REAL?", we'll be showing a film called ROMANCE WITHOUT REGRET. 

The description goes: 

In this high school assembly, Jason Evert and Crystalina Padilla offer straight answers to teens' toughest questions on dating, relationships, and how to have romance without regret. Through their humor, honesty, and powerful testimonies, the duo provides compelling reasons to pursue a life of purity, regardless of one's past. 

Please support this activity. We're hoping to have an even bigger audience than the one for "Boy meets girl: How do you know it's real?" 

Further messages and queries may be addressed at the Yahoo! Group. The tentative schedule is Wednesday, March 4, 1 pm. Invite your friends!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Im feasting my way to fatdom. This has got to stop.^_^

Friday, July 18, 2008

Finishing Touches of the Yearbook.

Hello Batchmates! 

This one's for the finishing touches of the yearbook and everyone must be included!
Please answer in JUST ONE SENTENCE: 

"Who/What  do you remember most about Mother Goose?"
(It can be an object, person or an event) 

Examples: Si Ma'am Lolit na laging buntis!
You can reply to this message, 
you can post your answers in our YG or 
send you answer along with your NAME to 09164028893 or 09178357159.

Please pass to our other batchmates! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nacho Usual Org: UP Caduceus

What: Acquaintance party
When: June 30, 2008, 5-7pm
Where: Rm 104 Paz Mendoza Bldg, UP College of Medicine, UPM

It's a NACHO party! Free food with fun games and lots of prizes!! Everyone's invited! Please do come and help us help others!

Contact 09274025231 for more details!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

UP ESTIFAK. Read from Gyll. Tsk.

On the third day of classes in the hundredth year of the University of
the Philippines (UP), a freshman from Cotabato province, a Chemistry
major at UP in Diliman, Quezon City, had to drop out. Together with
his father, the brokenhearted young man went to see each of his
instructors to have his subjects invalidated.

While his Math 17 instructor was deleting his name from the class
list, I could see the poverty, desperation, anger and sense of
resignation in their faces. It was not the disappointment of winning
the lottery and being denied the prize later. The young man is a
member of a minority group in Mindanao. Without any connections and in
the absence of any socialized admission policy, he qualified as a
freshman in the College of Science of UP Diliman, a distinction he
earned through intelligence, pure hard work and perseverance amid
poverty. But in a few days, father and son are going back to Mindanao
for good.
The father explained they could not afford the "socialized" tuition at
P600 per unit for students in Bracket C, families whose annual incomes
range from P135,001 to P500,000 per annum. The father and son expected
to be in Bracket D, families with annual incomes ranging from P80,001
to P135,000. Students in bracket D pay P300 per unit.

UP president Emerlinda Roman seems to be disconnected from reality, or
she must be fooling herself by insisting that the new Socialized
Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP) is fair and proper
for an "iskolar ng bayan" [scholar of the nation]. Her family should
try living on P6,666.75 a month (which when multiplied by 12—the
number of months in a year—equals P80,001, the lower bound of Bracket
D incomes).

UP, no longer conscious of its role in society, chooses to ignore the
long-term impact of offering greater genuine educational opportunities
to the brightest among the poor, who are getting poorer amid the
reported economic gains of the country. Socialized admission and
tuition fee schemes do not lower academic standards. I've had
countless students from public schools and far-flung provinces. They
come to UP not as well prepared as their counterparts from the best
schools in Metro Manila. But many later outshine the sometimes
overconfident Manila-raised kids.
After the new STFAP took effect last year, UP is no longer an option
for the brightest among the poor. I agree with the cab driver whose
daughter qualified for UP Diliman, as narrated in Youngblood
(Inquirer, 3/24/08) by Mariel Kierulf Asiddao, a UP Mass Communication
student. The cab driver insisted it was ESTIFAK and not STFAP.

NOLI N. REYES, professor, Institute of Mathematics, University of the
Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Sunday, June 15, 2008

John and Jen

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston!! What a match! I never imagined those two with totally different backgrounds (well, as far as i know, which is not much) would meet up and become a couple! Im so happy for them. Well, of course, Im a little bit jealous! But who am I kidding?! Haha! Yipee!

Well, I knew of this thing way before pa. This is the only time I had the chance to blog about it. haha!^_^

Note: Got this pic from Julia Aquino

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What is Caduceus?

It was only more than a year ago did I realize that I do not use and manage my time properly. There are more things to do in such short time. Well, of course, I can just bum around in my room and watch TV (which really will make you fat!) OOORRR be active! I decided to do the latter . Fortunately, after some ironic twist of fate, I was introduced to Tahilan and later to UP Caduceus and I am wholeheartedly grateful to be part of a group that not only aims to serve others who are in need but also a venue to holistically improve myself.

I got this from the multiply site:

What is Caduceus?
Caduceus is an organization for students and young professionals intending to or already working in the medical or paramedical field. Caduceus’ vision is perfectly grasped by its motto, “Sapite, Servite”, which means “Be wise and serve.” The basic idea is to provide a venue by which these students and professionals can offer their talents and energies to the service of the public, whether by dissemination of information or by outreach programs and fund-raising activities. Currently based in, and working with, Tahilan Residence and Study Center and with members belonging to the University of the Philippines Manila and to the De La Salle University, Caduceus plans to branch out in the future by establishing chapters in other universities. At present it is accredited as an organization by the University of the Philippines Manila.

So visit our Multiply account and help us help others who are in need!^_^

Thursday, April 10, 2008

There's Something about Ely.

Ely Buendia is a living legacy. His songs rocked us out of the music industry's lethargy and has given us new and vivid songs of a different taste. His original band, Eraserheads, has achieved more than any other OPM band could have. The unbelievable impact they had on the society, especially the youth and music lovers, is really tangible to the point where even their lyrics are quoted and given as advice to different sorts of problems.
It's funny how deep their influence has gone. Even now, when I listen and think about their songs, I get a slight pang of pain in my chest. I say it's broken heart syndrome. Their disbandment has caused so much chaos, in me at least. Even more so when I heard he had a heart attack! He was too young to have a heart attack. Yes, I should know that sickness chooses no age. But whatever! I could not accept the fact that Ely Buendia, the musician, the rockstar had a heart attack! I wanted to go to the LivEly concert but I was too ashamed. I only had my weekly allowance to donate. Hmmm..
Of course, we're all glad that he lived to perform on stage again. He's in Pupil already when he had the attack. Anyway, I loved the songs of Pupil. It is like listening to masterpieces. The lyrics, melody, are the kinds I dig. The meaning has evolved, too. They are talking about the environment, the society. (As compared to talking about hitting the beach?.. hmm..)
That's why I was so ecstatic when I heard his voice while my friends and I were walking through the overpass in Greenhills. I was so excited I asked them to watch first before we eat! (See, I saw on TV that they were performing at the parking lot there, but I didn't catch the date. So it was only a PRET-TY GOOD coincidence that we were there that night.)
We were really having fun except for Ely. (Well, this is only based from my own observation. I don't really know the story.) Ely was performing, that he was. But he didn't look like he was having fun at all which was so sad because I thought musicians loved performing and that their passion about their profession should be obvious. But where was the fun? Where was the passion?
It sucks. For their last song, he tried asking the audience what they wanted them to play. He goes (this is not verbatim), "Anong kanta gusto niyo?"
The crowd shouts.
"Hindi ko.. ..maintindihan."
The crowd still shouts.
"Isa-isa lang..."
The crowd still shouting.
"Isa-isa lang.."
Until they decided to play Pare Ko.
I don't know what happened there but that was how he was on stage. A band member then admits they were not prepared for the gig. It was fine, really. They didn't need practice to perform lively, right?
They say Ely's a little bit cranky because he is still boxed in the Eraserheads mentality. The audience only remembers him as such. Hmm.. I wonder what's in his mind.
Oh well, his songs are still great, that can't be denied.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pacquiao wins.

He is the first Asian to win three different boxing titles. Mabuhay, Pilipinas!